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On May 13, 1963, the Association was incorporated as "Hong Kong Woollen Knitting Manufacturers' Association Limited", a non-profit making association. At an extraordinary general meeting on March 17, 1975, it was renamed as " Hong Kong Woollen & Synthetic Knitting Manufacturers' Association, Limited.


The objectives of the Association as listed in its Articles and Memorandum of Association cover 25 items and the most important are as follows: 
  1. To promote and protect the knitwear and
    synthetic knitting manufacturing industry of Hong Kong.
  2. To conduct investigation and research into all matters related to knitwear and synthetic knitting manufacturing.
  3. To improve and upgrade the techniques and general knowledge of those dealing in and related to knitwear and synthetic knitting manufacturing.
  4. To promulgate, protect object to publicize all legislation as well as related measures concerning the industry 


The Board of Directors of the Association which oversees all affairs comprises 1 Chairman, 3 Vice-Chairmen with 21 Directors. 8 Sections under the name of General Affairs, Treasurer, Public Relation, Audit, Trade Development, Labour Affairs 6 were headed by 1 leader and 1 deputy leader, both Directors.