About Us
Committee Members

Association Structure



Chairman Mr.  Simon Li
Vice-chairman Mr. Raymond Wong
Mr. Lo Wah Shing
Mr. Patrick Cheng
Committee in charge
General Affair Section  Mr. Lau Kwok Chu 
Mr. Nicholas Chan
Treasurer Section  Mr. Kenneth Leung
Mr. Lo Wah Shing
Public Relation Section  Mr. Milton Chan
Ms. Gien Chau
Audit Section  Mr. Kenneth Lo
Mr. Andrew Leung, GBS, JP
Trade Development Section  Mr. Kenny Yang
 Mr. Fleetwood Lee
Labour Affairs Section  Mr. Andrew Lin
Mr. Lam Tai Fai, BBS, JP
Committee Members
Dr. Michael Chan, MBE, JP Mr. Cyrus Chang
Mr. Louie Tsui Hon. Felix Chung
Mr. Tony Lau Mr. Cheung Yat Sun
Mr. Stephen Yuen Mr. Bosco Law
Mr. Ivan Tang Mr. Manning Tang
Honorary Presidents
Dr. Chan Sui Kau, GBM, GBS, JP   Mr. Fok Wah Pun
Mr. Kenneth Fang, GBS, JP   Mr. Andrew Leung, GBS, JP
Mr. Michael Chan, MBE, JP Mr. Kenneth Lo
Mr. Lam Tai Fai, BBS, JP Mr. Albert Tung

Mr. Cyrus Chang


Honorary Advisors

Mr. Billy Chao
Mr. Y.C. Chan
Mr. C.Y. Young
Mr. Patrick Ting
Mr. C.J. Chen

Honorary Committee Members

Mr. Wong Man Kam
Mr. Cheung Kar Yan
Mr. Y.T. Cheung
Ms. Teresa Wan
Honorary Council
Mr. Wong Chi Wai
Mr. Sin Ho Man
Mr. Chang Dai Hon
Mr. Lin Sun Ming
Mr. Miu Kwok Lau
Mr. Lim Dak Yim

Mr. Wong Chi Leung